Mountaineering Trips

It can be said we are all explorers in our own right, some prefer land, others water, and they are those who ache to see the world from peaks.  The mountain ranges of Tanzania are well equipped to satiate the desires of those who are mountaineers.


What to expect:

Mountain ranges that vary as much in their difficulty as in beauty of setting, yet regardless of which offer an adventure that is guaranteed to be exciting and challenging.  Some treks can start in the lush alpine meadows that welcome anyone willing to conquer Africa’s highest freestanding Mountain – Kilimanjaro. While others, such as the  Uduzungwa Mountain Ranges are surrounded by stunning waterfalls and a plethora of exotic wildlife. Trekking time differs based on the peaks attempted, however on average expect to be walking for at least about 5 – 6 miles per day, allowing ample time to acclimate to altitude or setup camp.


How to prepare:

Even though hiking/mountaineering is appropriate for both experienced climbers and newcomers in decent shape, it is a good idea to have some experience in overnight trekking prior to the trip.

Also prior to the trip it is recommended to utilize the boots you will use for the hike as well as engaging in some form of conditioning. The better conditioned you are, the more you will enjoy your climbing experience which inevitably will make the climb more enjoyable for yourself.

Available 'Mountaineering Trips':

Mountains Day3

Rongai Mountain Route

Rongai is the only route that approaches Kilimanjaro near the Kenyan border, along you to see some wildlife as you begin your ascent to the summit.  This route...

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