Honeymoon Trips

These adventures are centered on celebrating and deepening connection of you and your partner all the while allowing you to recharge your batteries post wedding.


What to expect:

Our itineraries are designed to for you to experience the beauty of Tanzania’s National Parks, Island beaches, or a combination of both. Two area top the list of importance here – your comfort and ample time for you two to relax. Therefore expect the accommodations to reflect the utmost luxury possible as per your budget- varying from lodges, resort, to luxury tented camps; as well as generous time between locations, allowing you both the time to relax and enjoy.

Activities on the journeys can vary from visiting elephant sanctuaries, horseback riding around the base of Kilimanjaro, to watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon above the Serengeti. These are just a few examples of what is possible.


How to prepare:

Definitely a camera, as well a couple nice dinner outfits for the beautiful bush/beach dinners. Usually a packable dress for women and slacks for men suffice but all based on your preference.

Available 'Honeymoon Trips':

African Honeymoon to Remember

Experience a honeymoon of a lifetime in Africa! Tanzania has always had a certain aura and mystery about it that makes a very special place for your honeymoon. ...

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