Classic Trips

These are exactly the trips we have all come to know and love as the characteristic safari.  Wide open plains, grasses dawning savannah’s golden hue, and bright sunshine dominating the clear blue skies.

The Ngorongoro Crater

What to expect:

We often recommend sharing these experiences in larger groups such as with friends or family. You can expect the focus to be on Tanzania’s Northern circuit, where our guests get to discover a wide array of parks (up to 6) from Kilimanjaro and Lake Manyara, through to the Serengeti. For these adventures you will travel with our driver/guide in a comfortable 4 X 4 off- road truck which comes with an open roof hatch specifically for game viewing. This will allow you to capture beautiful pictures of Tanzania’s landscape and even animals such as Giraffes that can be just a few feet a way.


How to prepare:

All that is needed is you and probably your digital camera to capture all the moments.

Available 'Classic Trips':

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Tanzania Classic Safari

Duration: 9-night & 10-Day Imagine a “Safari” in the classic sense – vast stretches of savannah, flat-topped acacis trees silhouetted against orange-purpose...

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