Tanzania: Mountains


Tanzania’s volcanic activity has endowed it with rich and dramatic peaks that are spread throughout the country. Mount Meru. Ol Donyo Lengai, Eastern Arc Mountain Range, and Kilimanjaro are just a few of the many trekking opportunities the country offer.

The most famous of these, is of course Mount Kilimanjaro. Lying east of the eastern branch of the Great Rift Valley, Kilimanjaro stands more than 19,431ft, and is one of the highest volcanoes in the world. It consists of three volcanic centers: Mawenzi in the east: Shira in the west and Kibo in the center. The highest point on the mountain is Uhuru Peak. The Wachaga people, who continue to inhabit and cultivate the lowland areas of Kilimanjaro, refer to the mountain as the Mountain God or the Mountain of Caravans. Trek from the base to the summit in six to nine days, depending on your route and experience in climbing.The terrain will take you from the tropics to the arctic in a matter of days during your ascent to the summit and will provide magnificent scenic views. It is not a  technical climb to reach the summit,  but a challenge that requires the right guides and team, but it’s well worth it once you reach the top.

Mount Meru is equally a formidable challenge for any enthusiast. It is  located within Arusha National Park, which provides a beautiful setting for the climb.  As you ascend through the lower slopes of the mountain, you pass beautiful strong buffalo wading in the thick lush grass and graceful colobus monkeys jumping from tree to tree. Unlike Kilimanjaro, Meru is no longer active, as you ascend you will get a glimpse of the crater the powerful blast left behind.

Ol Donyo Lengai is the Mountain of God - as it is  known to the Maasai. The mountain is placed along the Rift Valley escarpment, with Lake Natron to its south and Kenya to its North. It also has the honour of being an active volcano, where you will occasionally see spurts of molten lava shoot out the Mountain at lower temperatures than other active volcanoes world wide.

Eastern Arc Mountain Range begins in North Kenya and stretch all the way through to Southern Tanzania. They are a series of isolated mountains that contain  so of the richest forest biodiversity in the world. Among this chain are the Pare Mountains, Usambara Mountains, and Udzungwa Mountains.  Travelling across this range you get to experience stunning wildlife - vervet monkeys, endangered birds, and also meet various other tribes of Tanzania such as the Pare- Tanzania’s agricultuarists.