Tanzania: Culture

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The country has a rich patchwork of culture, which is made up of over 120 different tribes and countless traditions.  Within this, there is also a splash of its colonialist past, mainly in the island of Zanzibar where arabs, portguese, british and germans  where known to have once inhabited.  Of the country’s tribes , three easily come to mind – the proud, tall and  slender Maasai; the bushmen of the Hadzabe tribe; and the craftsmen of the Makonde tribe.

Each of these tribes  are unique in their way of life, customs, and traditions.

The Maasai for instance, are known as brave  nomads that roam Northern Tanzania. They are easily recognizable with their bright colored shawls and kind faces as they sometimes perform their traditional  jumping  dance. Often when our guests are on safari in the Northern Circuit, you can encounter the Maasai in the Crater of the Ngoronogoro grazing their cattle.