Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa on land mass alone. To the north it is bordered by Kenya and Uganda; Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of the Congo share Tanzania’s western border.

Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique are to the south.

It is home to a number of Africa’s most famous attractions and arguably the finest safari destination of all. The country offers more to the discerning African safari enthusiast than any other country on the continent. To begin it is the only country on the continent to dedicate 25% of its land mass towards wildlife conservation. The benefits of this policy are immense as it provides the traveler with an opportunity to witness great concentrations of animals, phenomenal birdlife, and pristine wilderness in greater volume and variety than anywhere else on the continent. The vast wildlife reserve of Tanzania supports over 25% of Africa’s large mammal population, and one place – The Serengeti is arguably the stage of the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth; the annual migration of over two million animals. Intertwined within this beauty of nature is a culture which boasts just as much diversity. Tanzania is home to over 120 tribes leading to a fascinating array of tribal cultures. Travelling through Tanzania you will be captivated by its beauty, overwhelmed by the friendliness of its good-natured people and intrigued by all the country has to offer. A visit to Tanzania is a necessary part of the East African travel experience.

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Moez Khadija

What our customers say...

"our honeymoon in Tanzania was the best trip of our lives. It is very difficult to put words behind what we have experienced in Tanzania thanks to Renny (the owner), Muhammad (guide in Kilimanjaro and in charge of coordination on the ground) and Honest (our safari driver). Our Kilimanjaro climb was memorable. My wife and I have actually never camped out before so this was a ‘first time’ for many things!"

-Moez & Khadija

Hy Terri

What our customers say...

"My wife and I just returned from THE trip of a lifetime. This was much more than just another African Safari tour. We were introduced to Renny, a native Tanzanian, running her own family Safari travel agency in New Rochelle, NY. Whenever my wife called with questions about the trip (and there were many), she spoke directly with Renny. "

-Hy & Terri

Emily Carl

What our customers say...

"A wonderful experience with Asante Safaris. They were so helpful even from the first email, answering all of our questions, customizing our trip to be perfectly suited for what we wanted, and providing hands on help and guidance while we were in Africa"

-Emily & Carl

Tanzania Group

What our customers say...

"The best trip of the year was to Tanzania with the owner of Asante Safaris. We went first to Ruaha national park, part of the Great Rift Valley. There were many baobab trees, and we stayed at a private tented camp. Our next stop was Selous game reserve, a World Heritage Site that has wild and unspoiled miombo woodland."